Many of the communities of the Greater Caucasus region of Azerbaijan, especially the mountain communities, are at risk from climate induced flooding and water stress. The people have become resilient to the difficult conditions of the region, but now climate change is exacerbating both problems. Reducing the vulnerability of these communities requires proactive adaptation to the impacts of climate change. The current legislative and policy framework for water management is not sufficiently flexible to address climate change or to modernize water and flood management. This project aims to reduce vulnerability of the mountain communities of the Greater Caucasus region of Azerbaijan to climate change induced water stress and flood hazards by improved water and flood management. This will be accomplished through addressing the management framework at the legislative and policy level, strengthening institutional capacity by introducing new non-structural methods and providing training, and empowering communities to actively participate in water and flood management

Water and flood management framework is modified to respond to adaptation needs and improve climate risk management

Key institutions have capacities, technical skills, tools and methods to apply advanced climate risk management practices for water stress and flood mitigation.

Community resilience to floods and water stress improved by introducing locally tailored climate risk management practices.