Meeting with project experts and project partner agencies

Baku, Azerbaijan, 1 October 2013 - In the framework of the project on “Integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountainous Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region”, a seminar with project experts and project partner agencies was held in State Agency for Water Reserves. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce relevant experts recently involved into the Project, to review and discuss all tasks.

Welcoming participants, Mr. Mezahir Efendiyev, UNDP Programme Manager, mentioned about Project status and ongoing activities by informing about the recruitment process of National experts.

Mr. Shafig Babayev, Head of the Department of monitoring of hydro-technical facilities and the main Focal Point in the State Water Agency asked the experts to share with their challenges and concerns directly with him and asked for help from partner agencies to assist them with recommendation for further hiring.

The experts discussed the problem regarding the mapping, by offering to check all collected data and on the basis of newly obtained data to get a new maps and the importance of adjusting local legislation. It was suggested to put the efforts and try to influence to current local legislation in the sphere of water resources. The discussions showed the necessity of improvement in the sphere of water legislation of Azerbaijan in order to be adapted to international water laws and EU directives related to water and floods been assigned to implement state water policy in water sector. It is offered to create a Project Advisory Committee to effectively organize the work of the Project’s working group and provide consultation to the group.

The representatives of UNDP, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture, State Agency of Water Resources under MES, State Agency of Melioration , AzerSu State Agency, and the State Committee of Land and Cartography, Institute ‘Azdovsutaslayiha’, Media and Project Experts attended in the meeting.

The Project on “Integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountainous Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region” is a UNDP project implemented in Azerbaijan since 2012. The object of the project is to reduce the vulnerability of mountanous communities of Azerbaijan towards water scarcity and flood threats by imroving water and flood managment. The project is also designed to improve the management at a legislative and policy level, to enhance the institutional capacity and to hold trainings for active participation of communities in water and flood management.