Steering Committee Meeting

On June 7, 2013, in the frameworks of the “Integrating Climate Change Risks into Water and Flood Management by Vulnerable Mountainous Communities in the Greater Caucasus Region” Project a steering committee meeting was held at the State Agency for Water Resources with participation of delegates from UNDP and Agency.

Mr. Ragif Muradov introduced the participants of the meeting from Water Agency. He noted that the main department from the Water Agency to work with Project is the department of monitoring of hydro technical facilities.

He mentioned that due to the certain circumstances the work of the Project was a little slow and said that he would like to speed up the work process from now on. Mr. Muradov suggested conducting a preliminary monitoring of the water system in Azerbaijan and present proposals to the Government of Azerbaijan. He underlined that the Water Agency is interested in successful and soonest implementation of the Project.

Mrs. Nato Alhazishvili thanked for organization of the meeting and for the support of the project. She expressed the wish to activate the project from now on. For this purpose Margaretta Ayoung is with the project staff now. She also introduced Margaretta mentioning that she has previous similar experience of work in Georgia. Mrs. Alhazishvili also told that CTA has travelled to the regions of Azerbaijan during the past few days and as a result of this field trip we are able to prioritize the activities of the Project. She mentioned that the main purpose of the meeting is to present the plans on the bases of which we’ll have a methodology for all project year. Mrs. Alhazishvili also expressed a hope that Water Agency also prepared their plan of actions which we’ll envisage in Project activities. After all Nato Alhazishvili has introduced all the participants of the meeting from UNDP.

Mrs. Margaretta Ayoung, Chief Technical Adviser of the Project has presented the plans. She mentioned that the trip to the regions of Azerbaijan was very productive and she was able to make an initial assessment of the situation.

Mr. Mezahir Efendiyev considered that first of all it is necessary to make an assessment of the situation based on the plans Mrs. Ayoung shared with. For this reason the Project has to start recruitment process of local experts. At the same time Mr. Efendiyev offered to start negotiations on the place for Pilot station.